September 2020 Virtual CUP Winner Awarded at Celebration Lunch

2020.10 Tokyo, Japan

Kieron Cashell took the win for the Jarman International Charity Golf Cup (Virtual version) for September. We treated him to a Celebration lunch at Coconoma Season Dining in Roppongi and we look forward to who will win in October!

Coconoma Season Dining hosted the Celebration lunch for Kieron Cashell and JI CEO, Ruth Jarman.

Since Spring 2020, the Jarman Cup is virtual! Golfers can choose to join our monthly golf day (check here for regularly updated details) or go to Eastwood Country Club any time during the month, send in their scorecard to and join in the competition. The scores are calculated and Voila! the best net score (Shin Peria scoring system) wins 100,000 yen in cash and an elegant trophy. Eastwood Country Club also offers a special Jarman rate (7000 yen on weekdays and 13,000 yen on weekends) that includes a delicious lunch and 18 holes. We practice social distancing and wear masks in the club house, etc. Please contact us to see how you can join in the fun and possibly win the prize.

For price listings and information on playing at EastWood, please check here. For more information on our Virtual Cup, Kieron himself wrote a fantastic explanation here.