Current Operations at EastWood Country Club

1. We ask that all customers allow EastWood Country Club staff members to check their temperature at the club entrance. Those with a temperature of 37°C or higher will not be allowed to enter the building.

2. We have set up a hand sanitizer station at the club entrance. After your temperature has been checked, please disinfect your hands carefully there.

3. In front of the check-in counter, please wait in the waiting area until it is your turn for check-in. This wait time happens in regularly timed intervals.

4. The lockers can still be used.

5. The steering wheels of the carts are all disinfected with alcohol.

6. Regarding operations at the restaurant, our club offers a buffet style lunch. As of March 9th, we have changed our buffet menu to the following limited menu:

➀Healthy Gozen (tempura, sashimi, etc.)
➁ Stamina Set Meal (currently pork saute)
➂ Udon
④ Soba

All menu items above are served with rice, miso soup, salad and dessert.
Refills on rice or curry rice is self-service.

The drink bar, etc. will operate normally and is self-service.
* Alcohol sanitizing dispensers are installed at the open space area.

7. From April 15th, we are ceasing the use of bathtubs and saunas to prevent the spread of any coronavirus infections.
* Only showers are available.