Join the Jarman International Charity Cup Virtual Version

During Japan’s effort to quell COVID-19 in the country, there is a general request to reduce interactions with others by 80 percent.
In line with these unique times, we would like to try and hold a “Virtual” version of our cup for the next few months. Please read below for how to join in, our rules and how to maybe win the Jarman trophy and a monthly prize of 100,000 yen!!!!1

How to participate in the Virtual Jarman International Charity Cup.
1. Play a round of 18 holes at Eastwood Country Club some time during the month. 
2. Submit your score card to Kiyo by the end of the month. (please make sure it is signed by someone who played with you and clearly legible).
3. We will calculate your score along with other Cup participants at the end of the month and announce the winner in the first week of the following month.
The winner will receive the Charity Cup Trophy as well as a cash prize of 100,000 yen.
We will calculate the winning score based on the New Peoria scoring system (with the upper limit).

Reserving your play time:
1. Please contact me at to let me know you will be joining the virtual cup.
2. Next, contact the course and make your reservation as usual. The course fee will be as advertised by the course on the day you call (no extra fee to participate in the Cup).
3. Enjoy your day of golf! Your fellow players are also welcome to join the Virtual Cup.
4. Have one of your fellow players sign your scorecard and send a photo or pdf to us by the end of the month.
As with previous months, we will make sure the support of Mirai no Mori continues. Also, as the current situation begins to resolve, we plan to maintain the Virtual Cup and do a monthly group Cup as well.
Let’s all be sensitive to the current situation and make sure we follow directives. As things start to improve and you start stepping out for golf with a few friends, please remember there is a super fun virtual event happening at Eastwood Country Club!

note: Eastwood Country Club is taking steps to protect the safety of guests and employees. From April 1, they are asking all visitors to take their temperature before entering the building. Someone with a temperature of 37.5 or above will not be able to gain access to the club. Also, no after parties and careful disinfection of facilities, carts, etc., is being implemented. Masks are also worn by all staff and encouraged among players as well.